Sunday, July 25, 2010

Season starting off with gales

My folks got into the River last night. They had to fight a gale all the way in - talk about a miserable 3 days! One wave was so big that when it hit the stern of the boat it just kept on coming, smashing seawater over the wheelhouse. Pepper the poodle, who had been on the back deck behind the wheelhouse, was soaked to the bone. Luckily Dad had build dog-friendly railings on the back of the boat.

Koko just held onto his perch and toughed it out. When the boat slammed into a trough, he'd yell out 'hang on!'. He doesn't sleep during storms, so he's probably still taking it easy now that they're in port.

Sorry, no pix of all this excitement. I didn't have the heart to ask Mom to grab her camera when it was already so much work just to keep standing upright!