Friday, August 20, 2010

Fishing update: Water like blueberry Kool-Aid

Apparently Mom has night watch. She sent this at 1:41 am today.

Howdy ...

We're just now going over 'The Cobb' ... Cobb Seamount. 44 48 x 130 52 Very interesting! This seamount rises to only 18 fathoms (108 ft) below the surface of the sea & is surrounded by depths to 1413 fathoms.

A friend and I were fantasizing that with enough engineering and effort, we could create our own island by attaching cables to the 18 fathom spot and hooking that cable to something that floats! ? or maybe tons of rock on top of the spot?

Well, we're heading offshore. Not our first choice, but if you want to catch fish you must go where they are .. and they're NOT on the beach (close to shore) this year. We have about 5 more days of day & night running to get out there & we hope the fish are still there by then!

Water is still cold here but is the right kind of water. Very clear and clean and a light shade of blue that reminds me of a blueberry sno-cone or Kool-Aid.

There are a lot of us going. As one guy said, 'everyone who CAN go IS going ... 'I'm not sure if this will influence Harv's idea of a smaller boat. I don't know if it'd have the range to do this.

Anyway! We saw the sun come up today. The first time this season! Weather is getting better out here as we pull away from the coastal winds. We're still quartering into the NW swells, though.

I heard part of a story ... a skipper on a charter boat (known as 'pukers' as they haul tourists out to fish and the tourists DO 'puke')...

Anyway, this skipper, when going past the Coast Guard station, gave the Coasties a rude one-finger salute ... and promptly fell overboard. I don't know who pulled him out. ... the cops and Coasties were waiting for him when his boat got to the dock. Must have been drunk, you think?

Pepper is thrilled to be fishing again. When fish are pulled aboard he prances around the back deck like he's the Top Dog at the Westminster (sp?) dog show.

Well, that's about it. We brought two kitchen trash bags full of books. Those and the sat radio are keeping us relatively sane.

- Judy

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