Friday, September 3, 2010

Aaargh! Gale force winds, 20' seas...

Hi Everyone ...

... the only sane thing to do is put it on our stern, so were being pushed eastward. Been going on since Sat. We fished (insanity) Sat... but got lots of fish, drifted Sun ... just too snarly, fished Mon, put wind and swells on our tail yesterday and still it blows ... & it's supposed to keep blowing into forecastable future. SO, we have our lines out and just catch what we can going this one way.

Traveling last night made me really appreciate one of the programs we have: AIS (Automatic Identification System) ... it receives VHF signals from ships and shows their location, direction of travel, and speed ... and it puts an icon on our computer navigation screen so we can tell what those radar blips are! Love it ... the ship icons remind me of those orange/yellow/white candy corns... with the pointy end being the bow, of course. We usually pick up the signals around 12 miles, but sometimes quite a bit further.

We're catching really nice fish.. Bright and shiny and chubby ... means good fat content for those Omega-3s.

That's it for us!


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  1. Catching up late, but just now I'm hungry for a big plate of Omega-3. And maybe some chocolate. What think ye?